We are the BRIDGE

About Doors+.

APCCs Online Database for APCC Global BRIDGE Network, Doors+ is an online exclusive platform where only APCC former and current participants can access to his or her personal data stored in the APCC office and keep it updating, search APCC friends, and log your hours of APCC or BC related activity.This door enables you to connect APCC network anytime, from anywhere.
Why don't you open your door and meet old and new APCC friends worldwide?!
APCC is highly concern to the security of each participant's personal information. Doors+ is open for APCC participants only. The key to open the door is APCC ID and Password which you can obtain from the APCC office. APCC ID and Password will be provided to the concern participant only after receiving certain information that proves that he or she is the participant of APCC. So each participant has to contact to APCC or BCIO office to get the access of Doors+.

After joining Doors+, you can control your personal information to show or not to show in yourprofile.