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To Register on Doors+

Process to start using Doors+

1Indentity verification

Enter the email address that you registered to APCC and confirm your identity.

Click here to verify your identity

You cannot verify your identity in the following cases

  • The email address you entered is not the one registered in the APCC database.
  • A registered email address is shared by multiple people, such as a family member.
  • You have not registered your email address in APCC
  • You are not using the email address that you registered with APCC/ cannot receive email

Click here, if applicable to above point

2Issuing a temporary ID & Password

If the email address you entered matches with the email address registered in APCC and confirm that you are the person ① temporary ID & password will be delivered to your email address.


  • 迷惑メールに入っている
  • お使いのメールアドレスの設定で届かない場合は、「@apcc-doors.net」からのメールを受け取れるように設定し、最初からやり直してください。

3Initial Login

Open the initial login link mentioned in the received email and enter the temporary ID/ password that are listed in the email to login for the first time.

Click here for the initial login

4Login Complete

After the first login, please confirm and update your profile. It is possible to change it to a new ID and a password.

If you have any other problems, please contact us.

APCC Secretariat (Weekdays 10:00-18:45)
Email : doors@apcc.gr.jp